LED Lighting

Why is LED lighting so important? We all need to see, right? It is much more than just that. Imagine being able to set a mood or change the room completely with a touch of a button.

  • LED Lighting Saves Significant Amounts of Money. LED lighting can save as much as 70% of your energy cost in lighting, not to mention your HVAC savings from Reduction in the heat load.


  • Retrofitting is completed Fast by our Professionally Licensed Staff. All work is in accordance with NEC (National Electrical Code).


  • All Products we use are UL rated. No direct imports.


  • Maintenance Becomes a Thing of the Past. With Fixture Life Now Ranging Upwards to 100,000 hours, there is Virtually no Maintenance.


  • Fixtures are Now made with RGBW so that Color or Tinting of the Lighting can be Accomplished Easily from a DMX Type Lighting Control Console.


  • Now the Platform Lighting and The House Lighting Can Work together to Create a Memorable Worship Experience.


  • LED Lighting provides Flicker Free Lighting for Video Broadcast or Streaming.


  • Financing & Leasing Programs to meet Church Needs.