Training and Seminars

CSI will train your select personnel within your organization to properly orchestrate a Front-of-
House live mixing event. Or, if preferred, we will staff your events with one of our trained professionals.

 With the advanced technology and equipment available today, even amateurs have the capability of
presenting a professional sounding mix to their audience.  But that is only if they have the proper
training and "know how" to use their available equipment to it's full capabilities.

 Take for example the common personal computer.  We have all witnessed people who have
difficulties sending a seemingly simple e-mail and we have also witnessed people who can sit down
 at the very same computer and make it "do tricks" like we never imagined. The only difference
between the two people is knowledge.  And knowledge comes from training.

 So let your new equipment shine by giving your personnel the tools and training they need to
properly present your message.